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August, 2013 20

Advanced Magento Logging

Advanced Magento Logging Came across this hackathon project via this Stack Exchange question. I haven’t used the linked logger, but back when I worked for a living emailing exceptions to a central list was a key development best practice. (And ignoring those exceptions was a key development anti-pattern that drove me into my own [...]


No More Class Aliases

That last post made me realize I hadn’t mentioned one of the biggest changes to Magento 2: No more class aliases. Magento still has factory methods for instantiating objects, but instead of the shorter, more elegant, and confusing class aliases Mage::getModel('catalog/product'); You use a full PHP class name [...]


Magento 2: Multiple .htaccess Files

The current Magento 2 source code has a number of different .htaccess files ./.htaccess ./app/.htaccess ./dev/.htaccess ./downloader/.htaccess ./downloader/template/.htaccess ./lib/.htaccess ./pub/.htaccess ./pub/errors/.htaccess ./pub/lib/.htaccess ./pub/media/.htaccess ./pub/media/customer/.htaccess ./pub/media/downloadable/.htaccess [...]


Magento 2: The `pub` Folder

Magento 2 seems to be moving in a more Symfony/Zend 2/modern direction by splitting out the source folder (app) from the publicly browsable folder (pub). This is good, but the default distribution has a little weirdness — there’s two index.php files. There’s the one you’d expect in pub pub/index.php and then [...]


Magento 2: Developer Mode

For reasons that are way too complicated to get into on Magento Quickies, while Magento 2 still has the concept of a developer mode, there’s no longer a Mage::setIsDeveloperMode method. If you’d been lazily (like me. cough) editing index.php to switch your site into developer mode, that won’t work anymore. Your only [...]


Magento 2 Code Drop

Magento 2 Code Drop The Magento core team dropped about 4 months worth of changes to Magento 2 near the end of last week. Whatever you want to say about the core team, it can’t be that they’re sitting idle. There’s significant changes to things under the hood. Magento 2 is still a long ways off, but it’d be smart [...]


Debugging a Magento Exception

Debugging a Magento Exception There’s nothing that remarkable about this answer — other than it pains me we’re training a generation of “blue collar” programmers who don’t know how to debug this sort of thing themselves, or even ask a cogent question about it. When I’m having a bad day I wonder if [...]


OAuth of Fealty

OAuth of Fealty Brutal (i.e. honest) assessment of modern software development. But something that’s not antiquated, or shouldn’t be, is providing a service that does what claims, that provides more value than it takes back, and that earnestly cares about the way it gets used, not just about the fact that its use can be [...]


First steps on HHVM

First steps on HHVM HHVM is the Hip Hop Virtual Machine. A few years back Facebook created a compiler that took a subset of the PHP language and turned it into super fast C++ code (that’s a gross over simplification). There are forces at work trying to get Magento up and running on the HHVM, which would eradicate a number of [...]


Magento TinyMCE and HTML5

It's been three months since Magento Imagine, and there's been an eerie silence on the development side of eBay's Magento platform. After a loud and proud release of Magento Enterprise 1.13, a more quiet release of Magento Community Edition 1.8 Alpha, and

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