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Headless Magento 2 Resources

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Headless Magento 2 Resources “Headless Magento” – that is, an ecommerce store whose user interface uses some other technology stack for the UI/UX (i.e. javascript) while relying on Magento’s REST API endpoints for store functionality – is a hot topic in the Magento world. While this approach can explode a project’s budget (you’re reimplementing the a front-end store and any extension functionality) it is, none-the-less, popular with agencies looking to put their javascript engineering teams to work. If your sales team has thrown you in the headless deep-end, the sitewards/headless-magento2-resources and ishakhsuvarov/going-headless GitHub repositories are two small projects that are […]


Magento 2 VirtualTypes at Runtime

Whether you’re using your IDE, a debugging extension, or calling get_class and new ReflectionClass yourself, PHP (or any language’s) ability to examine itself at runtime is a vital tool for debugging a program. Most bugs come down to “this variable does not have what I thought it had in it”, or “the thing in [...]

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