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August, 2017 3

Calling them Home

With all the Yahoo and Verizon shenanigans going on I decided to pull my Magento Quickies posts off Tumblr and hold them close again at my personal home page. You can find all the old posts in the Programming Quickies category. DNS is doing its DNS thing, but should eventually redirect to that same category [...]


Pestle 1.4.2 Now Available

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Pestle. Earlier posts include Pestle 1.1.1 Released, Pestle 1.1.2 Released, Magento 2 Setup Migration Scripts, Pestle 1.2.1 Released, Sending Text Messages with PHP, pestle, and Nexmo, Pestle 1.3 and AbstractModel UI Generation, Pestle 1.4.1 and the Merits of Inheritance, Pestle 1.4.4 Released, [...]

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