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November, 2017 12

Packagist Semver Checker

Speaking of composer and sematnic versioning, here’s a neat web page that will List all the avaiable versions of a particular packagist package Highlight which versions composer will pick when you use a particular set of SemVer characters Useful when you’re chasing down composer dependencies — although this project (as [...]


CMocka: Unit Testing C Code

Coming at C from a “test legacy code first” point of view is tricky. All those neat test framework features for testing code not written under test (i.e. mocks, etc.) rely on a language’s dynamic nature for implementation details. You don’t get that easily in C, so it was a pleasure to be introduced to the cmocka framework. [...]


PHP Meminfo and Memory Leaks

You can’t walk ten steps in this businesses without hearing Engineering is a set of tradeoffs. You rarely hear the other side of that: and sometimes we make the wrong tradeoffs which lead to living with garbage behavior for years. PHP leaks memory like a sieve. By leak we mean during a long running PHP request the amount of memory [...]


Magento UI Components 2017

Campaigning season’s winding down, which means conference season is upon us. Two years after release, Magento’s XML/PHP/HTML/Javascript/KnockoutJS based UI Component System continues to be a topic of regular dissection and drubbing. At the recent Mage Titans conference in Manchester Maria Kern gave a well regarded talk on [...]

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