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June, 2019 5

The Code Generation that Never Was

Today’s link comes via Process Eight, via my Patreon slack room. It’s slides from a old Magento 2 talk, made prior to the release of Magento 2. The talk itself seems to have been taken offline. The code generation the slides refers to is Magento’s automatic code generation that happens behind the scenes when you use a [...]


The Pestle Documentation Project

Back when I still had some hope Magento 2 would be the same sort of open-source-for-everyone platform that Magento 1 was, and I was working my way through writing the Magento 2 for PHP MVC Developers series, I was simultaneously developing pestle, my command line tool for generating Magento 2 modules. As time went on I realized the [...]


On $6,000 Computers

Whenever a company releases something that’s crazy expensive (like Apple’s new starting-at $6,000 MacPro, $5,000 monitor, and $1,000 monitor stand), I think of this almost 30 year old marketing strategy video from Steve Jobs recoded during his NeXT computer days. This was one of those of those random videos that changed how I [...]


Treehouse Layoffs

The Portland Business journal has a short story on the local (Portland, OR) Treehouse layoffs. This quote jumped out at me. However, [Ryan] Carson said the company has learned that the $25-a-month product is not “the most effective way to empower people to get jobs in tech in the future.” Which — doesn’t surprise [...]

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