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October, 2019 5

Pestle 1.5 Released

A new version of Pestle (1.5.0) has just been released. This is the big “generate code outside of app/code if you want” release — full docs for the new feature are also available. Download instructions are in the, and current users should be able to update with a $ pestle.phar selfupdate The new feature is [...]


Composer Virtual Packages

The KnpLabs/php-github-api project was invaluable to me during my recent composer/Magento research. GitHub offers both REST and GraphQL APIs that you interact with via HTTP, but it’s often easier to use these sorts of APIs with a package that gives you classes or functions that handle the HTTP POSTing and serializing of the data. [...]


Magento, Composer, and Autoload Patterns

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Magento 2 and Composer. Earlier posts include Magento 2: Composer, Marketplace, and Satis, Magento 2: Composer Plugins, and Magento 2: Composer and Components. This is the most recent post in the series. A few weeks ago I set out to put Magento composer package support into pestle, and then I got [...]

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