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More PHP Unicode Resources

The main reason I stay on Twitter? I have a large enough follower count that useful information still comes at me, but not so large a follower count that it’s an overwhelming sh—tshow. Lists and judicious blocking also help. Two additional useful bits of information came my way on practical steps for dealing with Unicode in [...]


Security Researchers Notice Software Packages Typically don’t Have Canonical Names Across Private Repositories

It looks like security researchers have noticed that open source software package repositories are sort of bad at package name resolution, and that it’s relatively easy to slip a shady package into the public dependency chain when folks are publishing code in the open that references private packages. So that’s me checking [...]


PHP and Unicode

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Text Encoding and Unicode. Earlier posts include Inspecting Bytes with Node.js Buffer Objects, Unicode vs. UTF-8, and When Good Unicode Encoding Goes Bad. This is the most recent post in the series. PHP’s unicode story is — not great. PHP’s strings don’t know anything about [...]


Unicode vs. UTF-8

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Text Encoding and Unicode. Earlier posts include Inspecting Bytes with Node.js Buffer Objects. Later posts include When Good Unicode Encoding Goes Bad, and PHP and Unicode. In my last quick tips post I mentioned examining the bytes of a text file that contained the text Hyvä, and getting back the [...]


How to Fastify

This repository, from the lead maintainer of fastify, crossed my desk recently. It’s a full on example of how you might build a fastify based web service or application. Fastify is a server side web framework for Node.js. Beyond the obvious usefulness of a reference application, this is noteworthy (to me) because these sorts of [...]


Talk Python to Me Podcast

Continuing my twenty year flirtation with maybe I should do a little python — I’ve started listening to the Talk Python with Me podcast, mainly on the strength of two recent episodes. The first is an interview with Simon Willison where he talked about the early days of Django, and then about his more recent invention, [...]


Hyvä Admin: UI Components you can use

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Magento Front End 2020. Earlier posts include React: Hello Web Programmer, What is Magento PWA Studio, Magento PWA Studio: Looking at the Tools, and A note on the PHP UPWARD Server. Later posts include Magento Front End 2020: A Preview and Review of Hyvä. Today we’re going to talk about an [...]

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