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High Performance MySQL


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Book: High Performance MySQL

Author: Jeremy D. Zawodny & Derek J. Balling

I thought I bought this one when I started working at a content startup that was receiving serious traffic (even though I was hired as the CSS/Javascript/CMS person). That company was eventually bought by a professionalized domain squatter who offered us new jobs for slightly less total comp. and a pretty unfair employment agreement. I negotiated to get back my lost 401k match (about $5,000) as salary and my manager didn’t hide the fact he resented me for it. With lots of other signs pointing to a toxic culture I declined the official offer when it finally came in, pointing to other differences in the employment agreement that weren’t acceptable to me. This was awkward because it turns out the company sale had gone through three weeks earlier and we were all technically working for no one. (We settled it with some 1099 payments). They also went silent whenever I tried to get my old 401k transferred until I involved a financial professional.

But that all happened to me prior to 2008, when this book was published, so I must have bought this wanting to learn what we should have been doing at this content startup.

The book itself was great and super useful to me in my career — just having confidence you know the next steps to horizontally scaling your system goes a long way towards letting you get started. This book was one of the few that actually got into the practical details of how to scale out a MySQL based system.

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Originally Posted: 6th September 2021

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