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Every Friday I lazily dump a bunch of links in your lap, as is the style at the time. Enjoy!

Fix Open Office OS X11 font issues

I can’t justify the $500 for Office X right now (damn switching), so I keep a copy of Open Office dot Org around to open spreadsheets people send me. This hint makes the X11 experience a bit less painful.

Money Grub(er)

Donating money (either straight up or via overpriced t-shirts and coffee mugs) to a personal web publishing project is an iffy proposition. You’re not buying anything, and for all you know the website owner might continue to ignore their site for long stretches of time (where they do selfish things like earn money at a job and spend time with their family).

That said, I can’t think of another Mac ‘pundit’ site more deserving of a few for those hard earned sawbucks than Daring Fireball. In a world of blogs it’s often depth, and it’s not a fluffy in depth either.

Of course, at the start of his pledge drive I could also think of a few better uses for my hard earned sawbucks than passing them on to any website. Then a whole mess of people ponied up some software as prizes, and greed took over.

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Originally Posted: 3rd July 2004

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