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Reference for Magento Block Action Methods


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I get a lot of email from Magento developers who are looking for a reference to all the different action methods they might use from a Layout XML file

<action method="whatCanICall" />

If they’re savvy, I can usually just say “look at the block class methods”, and that’s enough to get them where they need to go.

However, if they’re new to the platform, purely front-end developers, or just having a bad day, it can be tricky teaching them enough about the layout system and class aliases such that they understand where to look for action methods. With that use-case in mind, I present the Interactive Block Action Reference.

I’ve bundled this up as a Magento Connect extension and it’s working its way through the approval process. For folks who know how to manage packages outside of Connect, you may also down the extension package here. I’ve released this under the MIT open source license.

I’m hoping to grow this new Developer Manual extension into a resource for the community (and as a compliment to my more commercial endeavors; seriously, why haven’t you bough a copy of Commerce Bug yet?). If you’re interested in joining forces with an idea for the extension, or you have some design chops you want to showcase, then get in touch.

Originally published January 16, 2011
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Originally Posted: 16th January 2011

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