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The Magento API: Interlude and Mercury API


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There’s no new Magento API article this week, primarily because everyone’s going to be too tired for code after the Magento Imagine parties. If you’re not in Vegas this week you’ll need to settle for living vicariously through twitter hash tags.

Any of you that are in Vegas will want to break away from the free drinks and oxygen to checkout Ashley Schroder’s technology track talk on the new REST API coming in Magento 1.7. If you can’t make it, Ashley’s latest blog post has a lot of the nerdy details you’ll want.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention Mercury API, the newest developer extension from Pulse Storm. Mercury API brings a number of missing features and performance improvements to The Magento API. Checkout the manual for a full list of features, or see the aforementioned performance improvements in the screencast below. I’ll be posting future screencasts showing off other features on my twitter account over the next few weeks.

Our short term goals with Mercury API are to immediately solve a number of day to day problems developers face when using the API. Longer term though, we want Mercury API to be a clearing house for “missing” API features. Managing a product as complex as the Magento API is a huge undertaking, and there are often good (if invisible) reasons that certain features don’t make it into the core product. If you’ve got an API pet peeve/feature-request let us know. Over the next few months we’re be rolling out new features based on the most popular requests.

Finally, at the risk of going pledge drive, the Magento products sold on the Pulse Storm store are what makes my Magento tutorials possible. These articles require and a tremendous amount of research and testing, all of which takes time and time is money. If you haven’t made a purchase in the past, please consider it. Beyond providing me (Alan) with direct financial support for these tutorials, you’ll also make you and your team better Magento developers.

We’ll be back next week with another Magento API tutorial. Until then, enjoy the news rolling out of Las Vegas this week — there’s sure to be some fantastic announcements as Magento first post-acquisition, eBay backed conference. Happy coding!

Originally published April 23, 2012
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Originally Posted: 23rd April 2012

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