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Generated Magento Model Code


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This is a quick one for advanced users, and was inspired by a recent question I answered over at StackOverflow.

One of the nice things about a well abstracted system like Magento is the opportunities it presents for meta-programming. Drop the following code in a controller action (yes, you can define an inner function in PHP)

function someAction()
        header('Content-Type: text/plain');
        $coupon = Mage::getModel('salesrule/rule')->load(1);        

        function outputValue($value)
                case 'string':
                    echo "'".str_replace("'","\\'",$value)."'";
                case 'array':
                    echo "array(";
                    foreach($value as $v)
                        echo ",";
                    echo ")";
                case 'NULL':
                    echo 'NULL';
                    echo "'can\'t handle ".gettype($value)."'";


        echo '$model';
        foreach($coupon->getData() as $key=>$value)

            echo '->set';
            echo str_replace(' ', '',ucwords(str_replace('_', ' ', $key)));
            echo '(';

            echo ')';
            echo "\n";


Run this code and you’ll get some auto-generated code for the creation/updating of a Magento salesrule/rule Model (assuming you have a Model with an id of 1)

Originally published May 10, 2010
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Originally Posted: 10th May 2010

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