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Last TWO Weeks in Magento Quickies


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Missed you last week, which just means more to recap this week!

  1. I went over the correct way to pull an address collection out of the Customer object.

  2. Keeping with the Customer object theme, I go over the counterintuitive storage of a customer’s confirmation state.

  3. I did a bit of shilling for Commerce Bug while reminding users about the access control features of same.

  4. As part of our ongoing Inigo Montoya “You keep using that feature, I do not think it works the way you think it works” series, I remind you that multi-address checkout doesn’t create an order with multiple shipping addresses, rather it creates multiple orders.

  5. As part of our ongoing “Don’t do that” series, I explain why you might not want to add options to existing configuration groups in Magento.

  6. I punt off my responsibility as Magento fairy godmother to others, with a plethora of links, including Removing Cache Invalidation Notices on Product Save, Magento Email Template If Statements, MageTool, and What IS Magento Mobile

Originally published July 18, 2011

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Originally Posted: 18th July 2011

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