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jQuery Plugin: Objective C Learning Tool: Part 1


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This is Part 1 of on ongoing series.

Two things were irritating me.

The first, I was having a difficult time getting back into reading Obcetive C method syntax after spending all day slinging PHP and Javascript.

The second was that most of that Javascript I was slinging was using the Prototype Javascript Framework. Prototype’s a fine project, but I’ve never liked its “Hey, Javascript can be like Java” Class abstraction or its “HTML Sucks” Element object.

So, I decided to shake the rust off my jQuery and write a little widget/plugin that would highlight the various parts of an Objective C method signature. Copy/Paste the fake method signature, or any real method signature, into the text box and click away.

-(void) this:(int)param is:(NSString)param2 an:(NSObject)param3 example:(NSArray)param4
//fake method to past in the box below...

If you don’t see the forms above, you’ll need to turn javascript on (more on this later). Javascript and CSS source available.

Originally published January 9, 2009

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Originally Posted: 9th January 2009

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