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Pestle 1.1.2 Released


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We can neither confirm nor deny that we’re filled with a positive emotion that PR folks typically call excitement or happiness that pestle 1.1.2 is now available. Existing pestle users should be able to run

pestle.phar selfupdate

and pestle will update itself. If you’re new to pestle the GitHub README has the low-down on why you’ll want it, and how to install it. If you run into any problems getting started please let us know via the GitHub issues — we promise we won’t open a cryptic PEST-XXXX jira issue.

The 1.1.2 release is the result of last week’s sprint. The biggest feature is a magento2:generate:schema-upgrade command, which will automatically generate UpgradeSchema and UpgradeData classes that implement M1 style versioned migration scripts. The most embarrassing-that-we-needed-it feature is pestle now responds to common unix version flags.

$ pestle.phar -v
pestle Ver 1.1.2

$ pestle.phar --version
pestle Ver 1.1.2

$ pestle.phar version
pestle Ver 1.1.2

We also fixed typos reported by Peter Jaap Blaakmeer. My being copy-edited by someone whose official native language is Dutch is very on-brand.

There’s also a new command to remove a named block from any XML file — useful for XML surgery if you’re scripting pestle.

Finally, there’s one less chance you’ll hit the Cannot redeclare ... exceptions after a pestle upgrade.

Thanks to all bug reporters, contributors, and commenters. Keep the feedback coming.

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Originally Posted: 27th February 2017

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