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Pestle 1.5.2 Released


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Just a quick note that pestle 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 were released over the weekend. Current users can download 1.5.2 by running the self update command.

$ pestle.phar selfupdate

If you’ve never heard of pestle, it’s a framework for building command line tool and a collection of Magento 2 code generation programs. You can find installation instructions in the GitHub README.

This release takes care of a few small-but-fatal bugs that crashed pestle in a Windows environment, makes a small adjustment to the build to fix a fatal PHP 7.0 bug, and the 1.5.2 release takes another crack at the “sometimes you need to clear the /tmp/pestle-cache/* folders after downloading a new version.” problem.

There’s a quickies post in the queue that goes into more detail about the specific problems, but suffice it to say running PHP on Windows is just as balkanized as it is on the unixes.

I’m not ready to declare victory on Windows support yet, but keep those issues coming.

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Originally Posted: 11th February 2020

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