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Pulse Storm GitHub and Station Identification


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Happy Autumn!

It’s been a busy fall in the bit mines with not enough time for new Magento tutorials. There’s a couple sitting in my MarsEdit drafts folder, so keep your feed readers tuned in, or keep an eye on my twitter account for some future mystery announcements. Pulse Storm and I are also considering consulting engagements for Q1 2012, so if you have an interesting project or opportunity lined up please don’t hesitate to reach out.

One bit of news I’ve been meaning to share here is the creation of a Pulse Storm GitHub respiratory.

The repository contains the most up to date source code for my free Magento Connect extensions, as well as any code module I’ve developed for an article. Improvements, suggestions, and the usual social coding business is more than welcome. Let me know if something’s missing.

The repository, obviously, doesn’t include the source to Pulse Storm’s commercial products like Commerce Bug or No Frills Magento Layout. If you’re on the fence about a purchase, this micro-review from wayneintacart says it better than I ever could.

[Commerce Bug is a] really brilliant extension – and Alan’s ebook, No Frills Magento Layout, is the best book I’ve read about Magento – and being as I’ve a subscription to the Safari Bookshelf that’s pretty much all of them!

“Social Media” wise, I’m still active over on Magento Quickies, and I’m always trawling the waters of Stack Overflow for a well asked question. I’m still not sure what to do with Google+, and if you find me on Facebook move along, that’s for people I know.

Here’s to a happy close to 2011, and bringing on the end of time in 2012!

Originally published November 14, 2011
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Originally Posted: 14th November 2011

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