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March, 2012 11

Magento Block Lifecycle Methods

There's two design patterns used in PHP systems that are often conflated. First, there's the event/observer pattern. This pattern allows a system-developer to issue global events which client-developers may then setup listener object/methods/functions for. These listeners observe the event, and then perform some action


Quick Script to Generate DB Dump

This is a small PHP shell script that will extract the default connection information from local.xml and construct the correct command-line script to do a no-locking dump of the database. You’ll need to be in the root folder of a system for this to work. Useful if you spend a lot of time debugging different systems. #!/usr/bin/env [...]


Commerce Bug 1.5

Two quick announcements this week. The first is the immediate availability of Commerce Bug 1.5, and the second is the new Pulse Storm blog. I'll still be posting Magento articles and tutorials here on, but the Pulse Storm blog is what

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