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Git Move

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When I’m working solo, (which usually means I’m doing the initial scoping and prototyping of some sort of feature and/or system), my “git workflow” is usually a shove it all into master affair. When I switch off to team work I often find myself in a situation where I’ve done a done of work without branching first. That’s where git move comes to the rescue. Okay, one more… Ever commit something only to immediately realize that you're on the wrong branch? Use "git move <branch>". — coderabbi™[for rent] (@coderabbi) September 4, 2017


Just Enough C for PHP

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Just Enough C for PHP. Later posts include Just Enough C for PHP: Running C Programs, Just Enough C for PHP: Variables and Types, Just Enough C for PHP: C Macros, There's no Such Thing as PHP, and Just Enough C for PHP: Make Basics. The funny thing about the C programming language is, if you look [...]

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