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May, 2019 6

Basic and Advanced Sylius Routing

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Sylius for Magento and PHP Developers. Earlier posts include Five First Impressions of the Sylius eCommerce System, Symfony's Service Container, Symfony: Autowiring Services, A Brief Look at Every Symfony Service Configuration, Symfony Routes and Stand Alone Controllers, and Symfony Routing [...]


The Tragedy of systemd

An interesting talk on the history of init and systemd across various different flavors of unix. Touches on software history, how things end up the way they are, and how we respond to change. I am not immersed in this particular unix community, but this talk does a good job of hinting at the later contours of that community.


What Even is SELinux?

I cam across this surprisingly cogent explanation of what SELinux linux is, including a bit of history about where it came from. There’s probably a paper to be written about the various attempts to improve and build on top of the simple-yet-complex chmod/chown/chgrp permissions scheme at the heart of unix. This video isn’t [...]

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