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Below you'll find all the Laravel articles on the site, followed by a chronological listing of the same. You may also browse the 3 series directly via the following links. Laravel Application Container and Magic Methods, Laravel, Composer, and the State of Autoloading, and, Laravel Spark.

Laravel Application Container and Magic Methods

  1. Laravel Objects
  2. PHP ArrayAccess
  3. Binding Objects as Laravel Services
  4. PHP Magic Methods and Class Aliases
  5. Unraveling Laravel Facades
  6. Laravel Facade Troubleshooting
  7. PHP Traits
  8. Laravel's MacroableTrait
  9. Laravel Service Manager Indirection
  10. Eloquent ORM Static Meta-Programming

Laravel, Composer, and the State of Autoloading

  1. Laravel, Composer, and the State of Autoloading
  2. Composer Autoloader Features: Part 1
  3. Composer Autoloader Features: Part 2
  4. Registering Laravel's Autoloaders
  5. Laravel's Framework Autoloader
  6. Laravel Autoloader Interactions
  7. Laravel 5 Autoloader

Laravel Spark

  1. Understanding Laravel Spark's Swap

Understanding Laravel Spark’s Swap

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Laravel Spark. This is the first post in the series. As Pulse Storm (the small boutique software consultancy I started and continue to operate) takes a half step back from ecommerce and shifts back into software systems consulting, I’ve found myself doing a lot of initial application [...]


PHP Traits

It's another quick primer this time. Today we're going to talk about a PHP 5.4+ feature called traits. While Laravel doesn't make heavy use of traits they are sprinkled around the core codebase, so you'll want to get familiar with them.


Laravel Facade Troubleshooting

Last time we described the PHP patterns used to implement Laravel's facade feature, and started to describe some of the "gotchas" involved. We briefly discussed how a facade introduces a second type of singleton/shared service into the system, as well as the inherent problem


Laravel Objects

Laravel is already a well documented system. The quick-start guide guide has all the information a developer needs to start building applications with Laravel. What's less well documented, and more interesting to me, is documentation of Laravel's implementation. The PHP community has a pretty

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