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Below you'll find all the Magento articles on the site, followed by a chronological listing of the same. You may also browse the 12 series directly via the following links. Miscellaneous Magento Articles, Pulse Storm Posts, Learning Magento with Commerce Bug, Magento for PHP MVC Developers, The Magento API, Magento Projects, The Magento 2 Object System, Magento Pulse Storm Launcher, The Magento Config, Revisited, In Depth Magento Dispatch, Magento Javascript Code, and, Posts Inspired by Magento Imagine.

Miscellaneous Magento Articles

  1. Magento Front Controller
  2. Reinstalling Magento Modules
  3. Clearing the Magento Cache
  4. Magento's Class Instantiation Abstraction and Autoload
  5. Magento Development Environment
  6. Logging Magento's Controller Dispatch
  7. Magento Configuration Lint
  8. Slides from Magento Developer's Paradise
  9. Generated Magento Model Code
  10. Magento Knowledge Base
  11. Magento Connect Role Directories
  12. Magento Base Directories
  13. PHP Error Handling and Magento Developer Mode
  14. Magento Compiler Mode
  15. Magento: Standard OOP Still Applies
  16. Magento: Debugging with Varien Object
  17. Generating Google Sitemaps in Magento
  18. IE9 fix for Magento
  19. Magento's Many 404 Pages
  20. Magento Quickies
  21. Commerce Bug in Magento CE 1.6
  22. Welcome to Magento: Pre-Innovate
  23. Magento's Global Variable Design Patterns
  24. Magento 2: Factory Pattern and Class Rewrites
  25. Magento Block Lifecycle Methods
  26. Goodnight and Goodluck
  27. Magento Attribute Migration Generator
  28. Fixing Magento Flat Collections with Chaos
  29. Pulse Storm Launcher in Magento Connect
  30. StackExchange and the Year of the Site Builder
  31. Scaling Magento at Copious
  32. Incremental Migration Scripts in Magento
  33. A Better Magento 404 Page
  34. Anatomy of the Magento PHP 5.4 Patch
  35. Validating a Magento Connect Extension
  36. Magento Cross Area Sessions
  37. Review of Grokking Magento
  38. Imagine 2014: Magento 1.9 Infinite Theme Fallback
  39. Magento Ultimate Module Creator Review
  40. Magento Imagine 2014: Parent/Child Themes
  41. Early Magento Session Instantiation is Harmful
  42. Using Squid for Local Hostnames on iPads
  43. Magento, Varnish, and Turpentine

Pulse Storm Posts

  1. Pulse Storm GitHub and Station Identification
  2. New Book: No Frills Magento Layout
  3. Announcements
  4. Commerce Bug 1.0.2 is Out
  5. Commerce Bug 1.1 and Supporting the Future
  6. Commerce Bug 1.2
  7. Commerce Bug 1.3 released
  8. Commerce Bug Tutorial: Access Control
  9. Commerce Bug 2.3 Release
  10. Commerce Bug 2.3.1 with Theme Inheritance

Learning Magento with Commerce Bug

  1. Magento Requests With Commerce Bug
  2. Finding a Block's Name in Magento
  3. Creating a New Magento Customer Page
  4. Magento 2 and Commerce Bug
  5. Commerce Bug 3 for Magento 2

Magento for PHP MVC Developers

  1. The Magento Config
  2. Magento Controller Dispatch and Hello World
  3. Layouts, Blocks and Templates
  4. Magento Models and ORM Basics
  5. Magento Setup Resources
  6. Magento ORM: Entity Attribute Value; Part 1
  7. Custom Magento System Configuration
  8. In Depth Magento System Configuration
  9. Varien Data Collections
  10. Magento System Overrides and Upgradability
  11. Magento Default System Configuration Values

The Magento API

  1. Scrubbing Bubbles for Magento's SOAP
  2. The Magento API
  3. Magento API Adapters and Handlers
  4. Magento API SOAP Adapaters and Handlers
  5. The Magento API: Interlude and Mercury API
  6. Debugging Magento API Method Calls
  7. Magento's SOAP V2 Adapater
  8. Magento's WS-I Compliant API

Magento Projects

  1. Magento Module List Module
  2. Magento Configuration Search
  3. Layout Unremove 1.0.1: Fix for Caching Bug
  4. An Unremove Tag for Magento Layout XML
  5. Reference for Magento Block Action Methods
  6. Django Routes with Magento and Simple Page
  7. Tar Archive to Magento Connect
  8. Magento TinyMCE and HTML5

The Magento 2 Object System

  1. Magento 2 Object Manager
  2. Magento 2's Automatic Dependency Injection
  3. Magento 2 Object Manager Preferences
  4. Magento 2 Object Manager Argument Replacement
  5. Magento 2 Object Manager Virtual Types
  6. Magento 2 Object Manager: Proxy Objects
  7. Magento 2 Object Manager: Instance Objects
  8. Magento 2 Object Manager Plugin System

Magento Pulse Storm Launcher

  1. Fast and Painless Magento Admin Navigation
  2. Building the Pulse Storm Launcher: Menu Data

The Magento Config, Revisited

  1. The Magento Global Config, Revisited
  2. Magento Configuration: Loading Declared Modules
  3. The Magento Config: Loading System Variables
  4. Magento Config: A Critique and Caching

In Depth Magento Dispatch

  1. In Depth Magento Dispatch: Top Level Routers
  2. In Depth Magento Dispatch: Standard Router
  3. In Depth Magento Dispatch: Stock Routers
  4. In Depth Magento Dispatch: Rewrites
  5. In Depth Magento Dispatch: Advanced Rewrites

Magento Javascript Code

  1. Magento Custom Form Validation
  2. Magento Javascript Events

Posts Inspired by Magento Imagine

  1. Widgets at Magento Imagine Unconference
  2. Magento Security Fix

Read No Frills Magento Layout For Free

Just a quick note to announce that I’ve made source and build scripts for both versions of No Frills Magento Layout available in a public GitHub repo. I’m not open-sourcing the books or publishing them under a creative commons license, but they’re both available to read for free for the first time. There are a few [...]


Commerce Bug 3 for Magento 2

This one's just a quick commercial interruption to let everyone know Pulse Storm has recently released Commerce Bug 3 for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 systems. Commerce Bug is a programmers debugging extension and in-browser IDE. The official press releases for the 3


Magento 2 Object Manager Plugin System

We're finally here. After our long path through the object manager, automatic constructor dependency injection, class preferences, argument replacement, virtual types, proxy objects and code generation, we're finally familiar enough with the object system to discuss the true replacement for Magento 1's class rewrites


Magento 2 Object Manager Preferences

Today we're going to explore the "class preference" feature of Magento 2's object-manager/dependency-injection system. While this feature is a direct descendant of Magento 1's class rewrite system, it ends up playing a different role in Magento 2. Where Magento 1's class rewrites were aimed


Review of Grokking Magento

In 2014 a newcomer to Magento is, all things considered, in much better shape than a newcomer was in 2009. While far from complete, the developer's series (originally written by me, since updated by Magento staff) gives a developer the grounding they need in


Magento Cross Area Sessions

Happy spring everyone, today it's just a quick post about a new Magento module I've put up on GitHub enabling cross area sessions. This module allows you to access information about the logged in admin user from Magento's frontend cart application, or access information

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