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December, 2014 6

Vagrant Permissions on OS X

If you’re using Vagrant to manage your Magento 2 installations, you’ll want to be careful with file permissions. By default, it appears that Vagrant’s synced folder setup won’t allow the apache/web user to create folders with permissions elevated higher than the default sync share. Dropping in some custom mount [...]


Magento 2 Profiler

Magento 2 Profiler There’s still a lot of work to be done before Magento 2 is ready for general release, and a lot of that work will involve performance tuning. The old UI for enabling/disabling the built in profiler is gone, but this Stack Exchange answer from Marko Martinović tells you how to enable it. (a MAGE_PROFILER server [...]


Magento 2 Vagrant Setups

Two Vagrant boxes for the newly released Magento 2 beta. The first is maintained by Rolando Granadino (beeplogic to Twitter folks), and is a fully featured opinionated box, with puppet provisioning, web grind for xDebug profiling, and git submodules for project dependencies. The second is a lightweight affair from Alan Kent, Magento [...]

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