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July, 2013 11

Code as a Second Language

Subtitle: Why Magento sometimes makes people crazy. Pop quiz. What does this bit of code do? Hint: It’s used on the catalog search page, and “query” means the text a user entered Mage::helper('catalogsearch')->isMinQueryLength() If you said returns true if the search text is of the minimum query length You’d be [...]


OroCRM Hello World

The Oro Business Application Platform (or OroBAP) is the new framework from OroCRM. OroBAP is the programming framework they're using to build their new CRM application, as well as the framework we all hope will bring some modernity to the crufty world of business


N98-magerun: Writing Tests

Test driven development is all the rage in certain PHP circles (while rage inducing code is all the rage in other PHP circles). Today we’re going to cover using the PHPUnit testing tools that ship with n98-magerun, as well as cover some programatic testing basics. Creating a test in n98-magerun is simple. First, make sure [...]

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