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Below you'll find all the Magento for PHP MVC Developers articles on the site.

Magento for PHP MVC Developers

  1. The Magento Config
  2. Magento Controller Dispatch and Hello World
  3. Layouts, Blocks and Templates
  4. Magento Models and ORM Basics
  5. Magento Setup Resources
  6. Magento ORM: Entity Attribute Value; Part 1
  7. Custom Magento System Configuration
  8. In Depth Magento System Configuration
  9. Varien Data Collections
  10. Magento System Overrides and Upgradability
  11. Magento Default System Configuration Values

The Magento Config

The config is the beating heart of the Magento System. It describe, in whole, almost any module/model/class/template/etc than you'll need to access. It's a level of abstraction that most PHP developers aren't used to working with, and while it adds development time in the


Layouts, Blocks and Templates

Update: In researching No Frills Magento Layout it became apparent that this article contains incorrect and misleading information. Specifically, the sections on block and reference tags is incorrect. The article still contains useful context (handles, layout XML, etc.), so I'm letting it stand


Magento Setup Resources

On any fast paced software development project, the task of keeping the development and production databases in sync become a sticky wicket. Magento offers a system to create a versioned resource migration scripts that can help your team deal with this often contentious part


Varien Data Collections

Originally, as a PHP programmer, if you wanted to collect together a group of related variables you had one choice, the venerable Array. While it shares a name with C's array of memory addresses, a PHP array is a general purpose dictionary like object

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