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Below you'll find all the OroCRM for PHP Developers articles on the site.

OroCRM for PHP Developers

  1. Installing OroCRM on Mac OS X
  2. Oro, Symfony, Logging, and Debugging
  3. OroCRM Hello World
  4. OroCRM and the Symfony App Console
  5. OroCRM Frontend Asset Pipeline
  6. WebSockets in OroCRM

Installing OroCRM on Mac OS X

This week OroCRM released an early version of their new open source business application framework and CRM suite. This article is extensibly about solving the symfony/icu v1.2.0-RC1 requires lib-icu >=4.4 problem some Mac based developers ran into when installing this


Oro, Symfony, Logging, and Debugging

PHP developers used to var_dump debugging will be slightly disappointed by the early pre-alpha release of OroCRM. Oro's CRM application uses an ajax-with-history style navigation that requests chunks of HTML directly from the server. The javascript code seems to require well formed HTML with


OroCRM Hello World

The Oro Business Application Platform (or OroBAP) is the new framework from OroCRM. OroBAP is the programming framework they're using to build their new CRM application, as well as the framework we all hope will bring some modernity to the crufty world of business


OroCRM Frontend Asset Pipeline

I'm willing to concede this might be my inner frozen caveman developer talking, but right now "frontend web development" seems like it's in a crises of chaos. Frontend developers, (the folks writing CSS, Javascript, and building our application UIs), have never had such a

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