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A note on the PHP UPWARD Server


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Kristof (of Fooman and ExtDN fame) sent me a quick note yesterday about the PHP implementation of the UPWARD server.

When I first posted What is Magento PWA Studio I described the split between the UPWARD javascript implementation and the PHP implementation as

We say practically because there IS a PHP implementation of an UPWARD server — but this seems a concession to the traditional PHP oriented hosting ecosystem and not a place where the PWA Studio team’s heart resides.

I’ll stand by my (too flowery) description, but it turns out this concession to the traditional PHP hosting ecosystem was made due to actual need. It sounds like Magento Cloud offers its users an UPWARD server, and that this server is based on the PHP implementation and not the javascript implementation.

Also, for what it’s worth, Jordan also let me know that they’ve deployed the javascript UPWARD system with a simple PM2 deployment.

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Originally Posted: 17th December 2020

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