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Don’t Rely on Super Users for Development


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Just a quick bit of advice for folks getting into Magento 2 development, which probably applies to Magento 2 development as well. If you’re building backend admin components, it’s a good idea to not rely on the default, Super User admin account when you’re developing and testing.

There’s a few parts of the admin system that are completely bypassed for super users. For example, Magento admin controllers require an _isAllowed method where, as a module developer, you need to perform an ACL check. If you don’t perform this check, users will be rejected for having in sufficient permission. However, if you’re logged in as a super user, this check is de-facto skipped, and you’ll probably ship a module without the _isAllowed method, and no regular users will be able to access your feature.

I’ve gotten in the habit of creating a “Non Super User Admin” role that has every system permission assigned, and using that day to day for development. This way I’m sidestepping any potential use cases where a super user account behaves differently than a fully permissions regular user account.

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Originally Posted: 29th April 2016

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