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WP Scheduled Posts and the Avoidable Platform


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Like most middle aged technology writers who write independently online, it’s been harder to “little-p” publish a steady stream of words in recent years. I’ve gotten better at this in 2020 thanks to the WP Scheduled Posts plugin for WordPress.

The plugin has a bunch of free and paid features I’ve never looked at — for me it all comes down to the calendar view.

This lets you see your already scheduled posts and easily shuffle them around via the calendar. This lets me bank a bunch of smaller posts ahead of time, but then easily slot larger pieces in place of the evergreen stuff as needed. WordPress can do this by itself, but WP Scheduled Posts removes some of the friction involved and makes me dread the process less.

As much as I’m personally inclined towards simpler online writing/publishing tools, this sort of thing is what makes platforms so powerful — I had a thought

hey, it would reduce my grind in X existed

and it turns X did indeed exist. My grind was reduced and all I needed to do was click a few buttons. It’s a seductive thought to say “F these platforms & lets build our own thing” — but there’s only so many hours in the day.

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Originally Posted: 6th July 2020

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