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Danny Goodman’s AppleScript™ Handbook


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Book: Danny Goodman’s AppleScript™ Handbook Second Edition

Author: Danny Goodman.

AppleScript! One of the programming languages and systems where I hovered at but never crossed the fluency line. I’ll still occasionally cobble something together from pieces I find on the internet, but I’ve never been able to just sit down and start thinking in AppleScript. I think my problem was always that every MacOS Application has a slightly different mental model or semantics to it and I never got good at mentally translating AppleScript’s natural language syntax in a way that let me think about the program as just function calls and variable assignments. This was never a problem for me in Lingo or Hypercard/Hyperscript so I’m still not sure why AppleScript never gelled.

I believe I picked up this book after it was mentioned on Daring Fireball as once widely regarded as the best book on AppleScript. I sort of love that AppleScript is still floating around in the background of MacOS after all these years.

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Originally Posted: 23rd August 2021

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